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What's shaking?

We had an earthquake today, a very respectable 5.8 centered in Virginia a bit south of DC. Nightmares, here I come! The whole thing was worse because Emily was in school, so I couldn't get in touch with her, and Megan was in our house by herself. Stress! We are well, all is well, and the soothing iced green tea latter I made when I got home did help quite a bit. 

Hope you are well.

I'm a man, baby!

As if I needed further evidence of my lack of girlhood—the Gender Genie thinks I write like a man! At least when I’m blogging.

Although my fiction is evidently feminine. 

My nonfiction is overwhelmingly masculine.

Weird, huh? One wonders what this says about me. Especially since the Genie claims to get it right 80 percent of the time!

Plug some of your writing in and tell me how it turns out.


Fact: Fresh blueberries and yogurt are the best flavor combination of summer; divine with Greek yogurt and honey, but also extremely delicious with nonfat, no-sugar vanilla yogurt. Frozen blueberries in the middle of winter won't do, for some reason. This only works when the blueberries are fresh.

I came home one day this week, late again and feeling frustrated and frantic and ill-used and my hair was bothering me; so I went into the bathroom, got the scissors and cut my own bangs. Too short and crooked. Bah. Darrell was horrified ("We have professionals who do that!") and so was I, kind of. I don't know what came over me. It was a fit of madness. Fact: I shouldn't be trusted with scissors.

Fact: three days with extended family is plenty. About 36 hours more than enough, in some cases. Some days I'm happy to go back to work.

Fact: cucumbers from the garden taste better than purchased cucumbers.

Tomorrow I've got a ton of things to do, but I don't have to set the alarm tomorrow morning! Yay! Fact: weekends are wonderful.
I have had a very, very, very busy and frantic week—not dissimilar from many others I’ve had over the past year. At work, I was trying to finish the big magazine: make people finish their writing assignments, make people give me their corporate ads, make the new web software we use for photo lightboxes work. Argh. And on top of that, I’ve had several last-minute projects—very, very last-minute “write me a speech by 12 hours from now” projects—tossed my way. Two more just yesterday, in fact. Gah.

Adding to my stress—I am trying to pack up my office in order to move around the corner next week. I will have less furniture in my new office (bigger office, better view, but less furniture—go figure), so I need to weed through thousands and thousands of archival photos and slides, decide which to keep, which to send to semi-permanent storage, and which to send to the university archives. My office is a disaster and I haven’t even started packing my actual office gear yet. And I move next Friday.

Adding further to my stress, Emily has been taking driving classes. She has to be there by 6, which means I’ve got to hustle home and get dinner ready and then turn around and get her to class.

Adding still further to my stress, Darrell’s either been working 14-hour days or away. (Which means that he, also, has been very stressed. Poor guy).


It’s the weekend now. I slept in this morning. The laundry is well underway. My garden is pretty. It’s not too hot. Darrell and I celebrated our 21st anniversary on Thursday—he by giving me chocolates, and me by giving him kisses. My new office has a very nice view, as opposed to my current view of the dumpster and the loading dock. And they’re almost done construction on my building—a wonderful thing, because boy howdy was it a long, cold, smelly, noisy winter in my office. I think we’re going to go berry-picking sometime this weekend. By Monday I’ll be all better.

What I've been up to

Work. Work work work work work.

Dealing with the health issues of older and elderly relatives.

Shepherding Emily through her first year of high school. Today was her last day. I am as relieved as she is.

More work. Work work work.

Lots of kid-schlepping, since Darrell is working more than I am. 

Some reading, mostly Terry Pratchetts and Georgette Heyers. Watching Game of Thrones. Started with Bleach again, against my better judgment. I'm afraid to be disappointed. We'll see.

Some gardening, though my strawberries are having trouble and the raspberries have a horrible virus. Sniff. The flowers are nice, though.

Lots of writing, but not for fun.

And working. Lots.
Happy International Women's Day to all my sisters. I'm curious to see if Egypt's women are successful in managing to get a little more liberty and respect for themselves, post-Mubarak, and if women across the Arab world in general can wrangle better living conditions for themselves and their daughters. It would be great if all the world's women had equal access to schooling, and freedom. But I'm very thankful that here in the U.S. I was able to pursue an education and a career, even if I only earn 75% of what men in similar positions earn. It is wisely said that women's rights issues are all human rights issues...the world will be a better, healthier, more prosperous place when the distaff half of its population is accorded the same rights, responsibilities and opportunities as men.

Rant over. Happy Mardi Gras to Deb, Happy Pancake Day to those who celebrate. Enjoy!

Some days

I had already had a long day--Read more...Collapse )

A bright spot!

It's been a difficult week, one in a series. But Bleach 438, instead of making me groan and clutch my head, actually made me give a little cheer. Is Orihime finally getting in touch with her righteous anger? That would please me immensely. I've been wanting her to do that for YEARS. Oh, happy day. She doesn't even need to pull out the hairpins. Just slap that skinny guy who hurt Ishida and I'll be happy.

In other news...Eh, none of it would be uplifting, so why share? I am seriously contemplating a change for the first time in years, and I am so terrified of change that even thinking about doing something different is an indication of how unhappy I've been.

But on the plus side, Megan is finally out of her cast and started her physical therapy. A couple of times a week we go and she gets hooked up to electrodes. Fun! She's been very good about doing her exercises in between. Hopefully she can start piano again next month, and drums in April.

How are you?

Not yet spring; various and very random

Two hour delay due to a slick of ice on the roads. Argh, winter, go away!

In Iran, it is now illegal to teach people how to cook non-Iranian food

There’s going to be a “nurse-in” at a fancy, fancy sculpture museum to draw attention to the right to breast-feed in public. Sounds like performance art to me. 

Bittman says “eat real food.” Dude, not everyone can afford it. And here in D.C., as in many urban areas, lots of people don’t even have access to a decent grocery store. I know we all need to eat better, but come on. Don’t be so judgy. 

I need to work on making my marriage Pareto-efficient.  
Quote of the day: 4) Any free riding in your household?
No. Here’s why: I am one of the world’s leading experts on psychology, the brain and strategic game theory. But my wife is a woman. So it’s a tie.


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